Comcast announces all-new xFi Pod for Xfinity Internet customers


Comcast revealed that Xfinity Internet subscribers would have access to a new xFi Pod while the company continues to concentrate on providing the best communication experience for today’s highly wired households. With a theoretical bandwidth of up to 2X higher than the first generation, up to 500 Mbps, the second-gen xFi Pod will help consumers improve their WiFi experience by providing a wall-to-wall mesh network that effortlessly expands coverage across their homes.

“As families spend more time at home and the number of connected devices continues to grow, accessibility through the entire home is more important than ever,” said Dana Strong, President of Xfinity Customer Services.

The new xFi Pod is fitted with a tri-band WiFi radio capable of providing high speeds and expanding WiFi coverage to more wired devices and will continue to partner with Xfinity’s xFi Gateways to expand WiFi coverage, similar to first-generation Pods. It also provides two Ethernet ports, allowing consumers to link directly to the system if they wish.

With the launch of the next-gen Pod, Xfinity is continuing its efforts to provide a holistic approach to address the demands of today’s rapidly wired households by integrating Gigabit Broadband speeds, full-home WiFi coverage with strong gateways and Pods, and xFi-the ability to monitor all devices connecting to the network plus xFi Advanced Protection available for free, which offers a free and easy-to-use approach.

As online content offerings continue to expand, Xfinity Internet-only consumers can now conveniently access their favorite streaming channels and navigate their connected home devices right on the Xfinity Flex TV, which is now included with their service. Also, all Xfinity subscribers have access to Peacock, Comcast’s new NBCUniversal subscription channel providing a world-class selection of the latest live and on-demand content from NBCUniversal and beyond.

New Pods come either in a one-pack for $119 or a two-pack for $199, plus packaging and handling.

Comcast Cable is one of the major suppliers with high-speed broadband, television, and telecommunications networks to domestic users under the Xfinity name in the United States and also offers similar services to companies. It also offers broadband, connectivity, and automation services to retail consumers under the Xfinity name. The sky is one of Europe’s largest technology and entertainment firms, bringing viewers to a wide variety of multimedia content through its pay television services. It also offers telecom facilities, including residential high-speed Broadband, mobile, and cellular networks.


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