Companies using AI create innovative advertising material


Advertisements are media frontrunners. Consumers get a hint of the company’s product line and characteristics mainly by promotional campaigns. Starting from selecting models to pick up locations and providing cameramen and machines used for the process, commercials come with a high amount of money invested. It’s not common for the MSME to spend a lot of money on video advertising.

Remarkably, video ads target customers, improving the company’s sales. Like every other location where AI and its apps have a valiant rescue entry, AI features come here for assistance. The remarkable development of Generative Adversarial Networks in 2014 brought excitement to the advertising market. NLP is the automated processing by machines of a natural language such as voice and text.

These AI applications help reduce the prices and resources the marketers invest in campaigns. AI technology will make a featured commercial look exactly like a video clip taken with a whole system. Here are some of the AI companies that are nailing the operation.

DataGrid Details:

Located on the Kyoto University of Japan campus, the organization has a large in-house research and development unit. The business uses GANs to synthesize high-resolution photographs of non-existent beings that appear just like humans.


The brain behind the artificial human being of NEON is Pranav Mystry, CEO of STAR Labs and NEON. NEON was launched at CES 2020 where the business was launched by the Samsung-backed STAR Laboratories. The world’s first ‘Artificial People’ introduced by NEON can converse and sympathize with human beings. And they’re not just examples of ad campaigns, they’re automated assistants of the day.

It is worth noting, though, that technology is at an early stage, and the conversational abilities and visual consistency of these artificial humans have yet to develop.


The team consists of professional engineers with real experience in state-of-the-art machine vision technology. The business has two translation and design features. Translate-The organization has a simple conversion of video content into 99 + languages, with the individual in the communicating video spontaneously in either of the input languages. The AI model would speak to the consumer directly via the video chat by specifying their names and any detail.


One of the latest research by the Zalando team indicates a creative approach to creating high-resolution photographs of fashion models wearing personalized outfits on an input body location. Apart from all these innovations, Machine Learning also plays a significant role in the representation of ads through AI technology. Even if there is a challenge to human models employed in the advertising industry, these innovations make creativity a step forward. If advertising companies turn to AI applications when producing consumer-based advertisements, the costs and time expended on those grounds may be dramatically reduced.


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