Comprehensive car insurance and monsoons


The rainy season has started in India. It is the season for which we wait for almost a year. We do enjoy the weather and special food in the season. But during this season, floods, tsunami, etc. can also come and damage things. So, in this case, we must take car insurance proactively to prevent potential damage to the car.

To protect your car from natural disasters, you can go for a comprehensive car insurance policy. So, let’s talk about what it covers and what are the benefits.

What is a “comprehensive car policy”?

It is a type of insurance that protects a car when damaged in an accident or natural calamity. Along with that, it also covers your vehicle against theft or burglary. It does cover third-party liabilities as well. If in case, any person’s vehicle is damaged by you in an accident, then it gives money to the third party in case of damage occurred to the vehicle or other person on behalf of you. It is also known as motor package insurance.

How it is different from third-party insurance?

As we all know, third-party insurance pays in case of damage caused by you to anyone’s vehicle in an accident. But, it fails to cover the damage which may incur to your vehicle too. But a comprehensive insurance plan includes both third-party insurance along with protection to your vehicle.

What it covers?

Damage caused to your vehicle by Natural disasters or severe weather

Damage caused due to fire

Damage/loss due to Theft

Damage to the third party

Damage caused to the vehicle by falling objects such as trees

Damage or destruction of the vehicle caused by riots

What it doesn’t cover?


Mechanical breakdown

Damage caused to a vehicle by a person driving without a valid license

Due to drunken driving, if the damage is caused

Damage caused to a car due to war

Why you should take it?

It is the highest level of protection that you can give to your car. As the name suggests, it is a comprehensive policy. It includes all the above things.

Is it too costly?

You may be wondering that considering all the above benefits, the policy would be costly. But not all comprehensive policies are costly. Before going for it, you must compare and analyze car insurance policies provided by different insurers. Along with that, you should check the benefits provided by them.

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