Comscore agreement with Captivate


ComScore had declared an agreement with Captivate, North America’s leading digital video network.

With this agreement, Comscore wants to supply a fast-growing digital out-of-home solution. This new report includes digital ads and frequency by market and demographic.

Comscore could be a partner for evaluating media across platforms and also brings trust and transparency to media and marketing. With transformative data science and huge audience insights across digital, linear TV, over-the-top (OTT). It is a robust third-party source for the reliable measurement of cross-platform audiences.

To make growth media disruption has set the way marketers and media companies connect with audiences. To create decisions the companies need an independent partner for understanding consumer behavior across various platforms.

Captivate connects advertisers with quite 13 million unique monthly viewers through creative, research-driven, and Nielsen-measured advertising and marketing programs. Engaging with the viewers with news and actionable information. Captivate always provides advertisers high desirable and difficult-to-reach audiences and influential business professionals. The corporate leverages the video platform that engages with professionals.

For 25 years in digital place-based media, captivate may be a long-standing industry that enabling monthly millions of consumers. It is a 100 percent brand-safe environment and provides advertisers further access into the consumer journey through it the network of now 30000+ digital video streams across the office, golf and others.

Comscore will provide a Captivate granular audience measurement across six of its networks which are U.S office elevators and lobbies, Canada office elevators and lobbies, and U.S residential buildings and U.S golf clubs.

Scott Marden, Captivate Chief Marketing Officer, said, for the captivate since its inception, Quality data measurement has been a core focus. For the past several months the research team with the DPAA has assessed the measurement needs of every network yet because of the industry. The entire process was instrumental with Comscore to meet the needs of the advertising partners and transparently report on the audience.

Gary Warech, Executive Vice President, Comscore, working with Captivate to advance their understanding of the premium audience. The foremost desirable DOOH inventory across the commercial, captivate is that only one within the digital signage space. Focusing on delivering the next generation of DOOH, comScore is developing solutions that are very precise and traditional outdoor platforms such as roadside billboards and other place-based advertising platforms that are designed to reach the customers in business and entertainment venues and others.  This gives agencies and users access to DOOH network audiences.

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