Content marketing strategies during COVID-19: Expert View

content marketing

We are now in a pandemic situation. It can’t be recovered easily. Many large corporates have collapsed. Some of them are on the path to collapse. So obviously, we should take some deviation from what we are currently doing. Traditional businesses are not possible in this situation. The only means for survival is the digital path. At present, many of the companies shifted their focus towards digital marketing and are investing money on websites. Now the possible available ways are digital marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, etc.

Content marketing is one of the most popular forms of promotion, even during the period of a pandemic. The success of content marketing depends upon the attraction of content by the customers, if they are not happy with your content, there may be a chance for losing existing customers too. So proper strategy must adopt to exist on the minds of customers. 

So some of the important tips about content marketing are discussed. 

Initially, you need to analyze and evaluate your existing strategy that is, to check what are the things which are going on well in existing strategy, what are the things which are needed to improve your existing strategy. For instance, if you are investing heavily in Facebook ads, it is time to evaluate this strategy. Are the ads getting the results you want or they just eating into content marketing spend? 

Then add fuel to your blogging efforts, that is blogging will allow you to offer highly researched information to your target audience and you can write on any topic under the sun, in the times of coronavirus, you can use your blog to talk to your audience and relieve their anxiety. Another important thing is, leverage the power of emails, there are around 5.59 billion active email accounts across the world, the average email open rate is 17.8%. It is one of the suitable alternatives for marketing but doesn’t pitch your product/services in such emails. It must only show your concern and hope that these will have an impact on brand recall. 

Most important thing is that the content should be valuable during this pandemic as the number of readers is quite large. So if you make the content more attractive your site viewers become large and also enhance the promotion for the product.


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