Covid 19- Mirchi RJs to conduct programs to help Delhites


As the second wave of Covid-19 is at its peak at certain states in India, Mirchi RJ initiates to help fight the second phase, which caused severe damages in our Capital. As the daily reports are showing a hype constantly the health care has reached its limit in providing services. Several Non- Profit organizations stretched their hands for resolving the current issue and Mirchi RJs have also taken the initiative to help in whatever way they can,

To join fight the Situation, Mirchi posted on their social media accounts requesting Oxygen Cylinders, plasma donors, ventilator beds, medicine, and vaccine slot availabilities and trying to reach out to maximum people to gather as much as possible from trusted sources.

Considering the leveraging and network strength of Mirchi RJ, They focus on ensuring people are getting the right information regarding Covid Vaccines and conduct Covid awareness campaigns.

RJ Sayema, RJ Naved, and RJ Roochie conducted a program on spreading the right information and persuading the public to take vaccines. They covered the sessions on the dangers of spreading rumors on the usage of Covid vaccinations. They went for a call-in program as well. RJ Sayema shared information on the availability of Oxygen Cylinders, Plasma Donors, and Ventilator beds from verified sources attaching the contact details of parties on her social media handles.

On the other hand, RJ Naved made his video much simplifying and satisfying by his usual touches of humor as he does to engage his viewers, and this time he made them laugh by sharing the incident of an old man calling and wanted to kill Naved. The program was interesting helped thousands of Delhites and viewers all around India to get away their minds out of this situation for a time.

The programs went viral and Mirchi received thousands of messages thanking them for helping them in the pandemic period. A beneficiary thanked, RJ Vidit saying; sharing the information on the availability of Oxygen Cylinders was very helpful to my mother and two of my helped me to get the necessary help when we needed it.

Later this month New Delhi has shown a decrease in cases and the mass vaccinations have done their job effectively. Mirchi RJs announced that they will continue to support and aid in whatever way possible to help India to fight Covid.

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