COVID era dating: Pocket Aces &Tinder joined with the new format “filter copy mini”.


Filtercopy has released a new Instagram first layout said as Filtercopy Mini’, during a trial to cognizance on telling brief, relatable stories in barely underneath 60 sec.

The global pandemic has influenced the way people date online. While the requirement for human connection is enduring, COVID-19 has dissolved the lines between our digital and physical lives, and social distancing has not meant disconnecting.

Dating is one in every one of the human interactions which became an issue during the lockdown and still it’s because of the social distancing rules.

The primary series ‘Dating in 2020‘ videos in about 60 sec, which shows the experiences of 5 young couples that match on Tinder during the lockdown. The one-minute video of 5 couples has successfully showcased how the audience is adopting towards the new normal.

Sripriya Yegneswaran, Channel Manager, FilterCopy, said, To stay faithful to our mission of solving boredom, we’re constantly innovating on content formats and exploring fresher ways to stay our audiences engaged. After the massive success of both the seasons of Firsts, an Instagram-first format on our other channel, Dice Media, we had enough data to acknowledge that there was a large appetite for bite-sized stories which led to the inception of FilterCopy Mini.

We’re quite excited to bring this freshly brewed format to the audience with Tinder as our first partner since it’s the foremost intuitive appropriate this dating landscape that we try to showcase in Dating in 2020.

It’s interesting to notice the duration of those videos. Short videos are catching the attention of the audience. And since the foremost popularity of short video apps, TikTok is banned, an honest due to catch the eyeballs of that short-video app’s audience?

Speaking of the partnership, Tinder spokesperson, said, The most important thing we’ll do immediately is to supply our members the way to flee social distancing and self-quarantine and find solidarity with new matches around the world. Through this partnership, we’re showcasing how in challenging times, we still find the thanks to ensuring social rhythms that may sustain us.


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