Craving at its peak


While voyaging to your favorite places, you pack an outfit for trekking and another for the beach, and another one for a nice dinner by the sea so why not pack some healthy food you can eat during those various activities and outings.

Even the most skilled travelers can fall off the nutrition and health plans they have been scrupulously clasping to because being away from the house and your daily routine makes you more helpless to enticement.

There are many healthy snack alternatives you can purchase from any store and consume right away, and there are alternatives you can prepare at home before you travel. You can always turn to online recipes also.

Meg, a healthy-eating expert behind Simple Green Moms, promises the significance of experimenting with new and easy recipes. There are 100 simple ways out there to make healthy food for you and your family, and ideas on how to eat healthy on a budget.

Our eating habits have changed a lot over the last 18 months. Those days are gone when we would have three rightful meals in a day and have a few snacks here and there.

Today, we are eating anything that comes our way, be it biscuits, cookies, chips, noodles, kachoris, sweets, and whatnot constantly.

The major reason for this desirous craving is our changed lifestyle. says KS Narayanan, a food and beverages industry expert (earlier with McCain Foods and Unilever) said that from the way they work to the amount of time they spend on social media, there is a ton of pressure now.

Snacking is a simple path to divert you from that. It gives you a break and makes you feel good. An 8-hour gap between meals gives rise to the many snacking events. And add a serious absence of physical activity and no surprise that we feel hungry all the time.

As anticipated, brands now see another bright chance to engage our minds via our tummies. In the last 3-5 months, we have observed various brands concentrating on their snack offerings, more than ever.

Several took a step further and placed themselves as the supreme snack of choice for a plastic time of the day.

Lays wants to become the go-to snack of the day, and Nestle Maggi is tuning itself as the key for your unanticipated hunger twitches. KitKat wants you to unwind and take a break, and ITC Sunfeast wants to end your day with its Dark Fantasy cookie.

We have the McCains and ITC Masterchefs of the world that best represent the ready-to-cook type.

Ever since the COVID pandemic blew, this type has become very popular. Then there are the new entrants such as momos, with brands like Wow! Momo and Prasuma entering into the picture.

These are just limited options that we have when it comes to snacking, and here we assumed the excess of options only plagued the streaming category.

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