The new magical campaign of KITKAT featuring Michael Caton


The global confectionery brand KITKAT has come up with its brand-new campaign reminding people to loosen up themselves from their frustrations and have a small break. This small difference can bring breakthroughs that one could not get through the restless life. KitKat has used a mystical theme, featuring the Australian celebrity, Michael Caton who is best known for his Australian television character Uncle Harry. This new campaign delivers the everyday issues that people go through a magical frame, ‘Have a break, have a KITKAT’.

When everyone is struggling in their life to catch up with the current situation, this campaign brings hope of light to the frustrations, tedious remote work and miscommunications to limited space sharing at home or losing it and reminds people whatever may be the situation always have a break to move optimistically, even if it is for a little moment. And this is equally true for Wizards and everyone else. The successful ‘Katapult’ campaign in 2017 to the ‘Maps’ in 2019 has helped KitKat Australia to reclaim its position as one of the leading chocolate bar brands in the category and still owns that position.

The Chief Creative Officer of Wunderman Thompson Australia, João Braga said, “We have all been through a major shift in life with a load of stress in the past years and it is clear that everyone desperately needs a break. And even KitKat have borrowed some magic to help everyone snap out of all the tensions and bring a smile to our breaks”.

Joyce Tan, Head of Marketing, confectionery, Nestlé said, “We are excited to share our brand-new KITKAT campaign that addresses the frustrations of people from all walks of life that go through every day. Engaging with the onscreen legend Michael Caton and talented Miritana Hughes had some fun moments while creating a suite of assets that defines by holding together a break can bring a positive impact even to the most frustrating times. And that people can see a little bit of themselves in our campaign and snap some time for more breaks, with the help of KitKat magic”.

The campaign is going to be launched on coming Sunday throughout the digital and social world with the collaborations of UM and Google. Google Life Events will connect digital executions with the events in Australian lives. Angela Swayn said: “This campaign has provided us the adoption of personalization that allows us to deliver the customized creative messages to the audience and with the collaborations of UM and Google we prepared a method that shows how customized daily frustrations and life events creative messages coupled with detailed guiding that can vary brand metrics”.

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