Ikky Singh in partnership with Warner Music Canada launches 4N records


For the debut of 4N Records, Warner Music Canada, Warner Music India, and Coalition Music have announced an exciting new relationship with Canadian singer and producer Ikwinder Singh (Ikky). The premiere track “80 90,” starring Garry Sandhu and Amrit Maan, will be available on all streaming platforms and digital stores beginning Friday, with an official music video directed by David Redman.

The video was shot in Canada, London, and California, fusing three different cultures for a visually stunning debut. 4N Records stresses Ikky’s objective to create songs and collaborations that will bridge the gap between India’s burgeoning music scene and the rest of the globe, with the hope of transcending boundaries and breaking down cultural boundaries.

Ikky had already produced and co-written global Punjabi hit songs including “Diamond” by Gurnam Bhullar, “Difference” by Amrit Mann, “Bambiha Bole” by Amrit Maan & Sidhu Moose Wala, and “Yeah Baby” by Garry Sandhu before his 20th birthday (this year). These songs have collectively received over one billion streams around the world.

Ikky has remarked that he has felt like an outsider throughout his career since he wears a Turban in a musical world where it is unusual and that there is always a part of him that feels like a continuous stranger. But he kept coming back to this concept in his thoughts, and when he told his partners he wanted to call the company 4N, they got it right away.

Ikky’s charisma is contagious, according to Coalition Music and 4N Records President Mathew Fruitman. He has a unique capacity to attract exceptional talent, blend genres, and is a fantastic leader for 4N Records. He so effortlessly integrates his cultural background and love for sounds, establishing a lasting foundation that is his musical strength.

Steve Kane, President of Warner Music Canada said that they’re ecstatic to be working with Ikky and 4N Records. His originality and dedication are unsurpassed, and we’re continually astonished by his ability to write hit songs that cross-cultural barriers, and they’re excited to expand our long-standing association with Coalition Music as we join forces with Warner Music India.

Ikky and his newly formed 4N Records will be based at Coalition Music’s studio in Toronto, Canada, and will exhibit a new frequency of sounds helmed by his culture, skills in music, and sense of what makes the proper partnership.

Following the success of his debut single “80 90,” he is almost finished with a new collaboration with a Punjabi and Latin musician, which will be released this summer. 4N is also ecstatic to be working with rap artist Nseeb, and plans to take 4N artists on a globe tour have already begun.

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