Faber India launches Bharat Blender


With its flagship product, the ‘Faber Candy‘ Juicer Mixer Grinder, Faber India has cemented its position in the small appliances market. The company has also introduced the promotional idea “Bharat Blender,” created by its digital agency Bottle Openers, to define its positioning in the Indian market.

Faber Candy has a high ABS body that is both resilient and food-safe, as well as a modern and attractive design in lovely candy colors. It provides unrivaled performance with eight essential functionalities, allowing Indian consumers to develop over 200 dishes.

The Candy’s steel blade, constructed of industrial-grade SS304 metal alloy, effortlessly blends and grinds even the toughest spices, fruits, nuts, and even ice for a fine and consistent output.

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Hardesh Chojher, Marketing head, Franke Faber India Pvt. Ltd said that after years of research into diverse Indian cuisines and understanding the issues experienced by Indian consumers while producing ingredients for them, they have introduced the Faber Candy.

The Faber Candy has a beautiful design and a powerful motor that can grind and combine almost anything. It truly distinguishes it as a one-of-a-kind product for all Indian cooks.

Sachin Kumar, Founder, Bottle Openers said that the tastes, flavors, and smells of numerous Indian cuisines represent India’s cultural variety.

Though each Indian cuisine’s ingredients are unique, the basic preparation of such items requires the same fineness and uniformity. The Bharat Blender concept intends to present Faber Candy as candy for all Indian kitchens, making it easy for Indian homemakers to prepare over 200 dishes.

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