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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella promised “one of the most important upgrades to Windows in the previous decade” last month, and the firm plans to unveil it to the public on Thursday. Refreshing the 35-year-old operating system may boost income for the world’s second-most valuable public business, after Apple. As millions of consumers and business workers migrate from Windows 10, the most popular PC operating system, the new Windows is anticipated to become widely accepted over time.

Thanks to a leak of a next-generation version of Windows that surfaced online last week, early adopters have been able to offer folks a taste of what’s to come in the last few days. The leaked copy has several improvements, many of which Microsoft will be able to discuss during its virtual event on Thursday. Here’s a summary of what to look forward to:

1.Changes to the design 

If the next version of Windows looks anything like the leaked copy, it will be taking features from the canceled Windows 10X, which was designed to operate on dual-screen PCs, for an operating system dubbed Windows 11. Unlike the symbol used for Windows 8 and Windows 10, which have window panes that spread from left to right, the new release has a new Windows icon with four equal-sized squares. Instead of the harsh corners found in Windows 10, individual application windows have rounded corners. The animations that appear when people open and close windows have altered, and the Start menu now similarly shows programs and folders to Windows 10X.

2.Features of the present day

The leaked version included a few additional customization options for users’ PCs. Pushing new buttons may cause program windows to snap into predefined screen layouts. The operating system may also “remember window positions based on monitor connection,” according to the Settings app. This might solve a problem where Windows wouldn’t return apps to their former settings when individuals used multiple screens with their machines.

3.Performance upgrades

Some users who installed the leaked Windows 11 edition did tests and discovered that the operating system performed better than the most recent version of Windows 10, which was marketed as “quick & familiar” in 2015. According to a report from Hot Hardware, the latest version outperformed Windows 10 in several comparisons on a Samsung PC with an Intel “Lakefield” processor.

4.A new look for the store

Last month, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated that the Windows upgrade will help developers. Microsoft’s app store is one area where developers may make their apps available to end users on Windows. In April, Microsoft said that it will reduce the proportion of income it gets from app store purchases that it maintains for itself, and Windows 11 might improve on that. 

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