Cuckoo’s DSG campaign explains how ‘Tap water will protect India’


Cuckoo India comes together with Eunoia for the release of a new digital campaign. The widespread campaign was designed for the brand’s newly released disinfectant solution generator.

As our nation, India celebrates its 74th year of Independence, Cuckoo India in partnership with Eunoia celebrates the freedom from viruses and the bacteria with a digital campaign for their newly launched Disinfectant Solution Generator.

This nationwide campaign focuses on educating the consumers about the importance of using 100 percent natural disinfectant as a replacement for chemical-based sanitizers. Taking into consideration the consumers’ demands around sustainability, effectiveness, and cost, the campaign underlines the features of the product and its several uses, also showcasing DSG as a single time investment.

The month-long campaign was started across television, print, and digital platforms with a simple and short message, ‘Tap water will now protect India.’

Commenting on this digital campaign, Satyajeet Kumar Arun, Managing Director Cuckoo India, said, “When the whole world was gradually preparing and starting to adjust to this new normal, we realized the importance to see the bigger picture, especially when it comes to health and safety. While the popular and we’ll known alcohol-based sanitizers were being overhauled by the customers, we decided to come up with something safe, yet 100 percent effective”.

He added, “And that’s how DSG was born! It’s a one of a kind product which uses regular tap water to make a completely natural sanitizer, come disinfectant solution. And there was no better day to release the campaign than 15th August, when we Indians take an oath to protect our country and its fellow citizens.”

Abhay Godbole, the Vice President, Eunoia, said, “Cuckoo is a developing brand with a wide range of products. The coming of COVID has remolded the entire ecosystem bringing protection at the top of everything and anything we do. Therefore, Independence Day gave the right opportunity for Cuckoo’s Disinfectant Solution Generator to convey and communicate its unique benefit. This communication intended to let the consumers know that protection need not be so complicated or complex, all you need is just tap water and the revolutionary product Cuckoo’s DSG.


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