Dabur launches Ayurvedic Dabur Rheumatil Spray for pain relief


Dabur India Ltd, the country’s leading science-based Ayurveda company announced its entry into the Pain Relief Spray Market with the launch of Ayurvedic Dabur Rheumatil Spray. The pain relief spray is priced at INR 130 for a 40g/ 57 ml pack. Dabur Rheumatil Spray is available in major retail stores, drugstores or pharmacies in the country and also available across all leading e-commerce platforms.

Dabur Rheumatil Spray is an Ayurvedic Spray with a unique blend of five, time tested Herbal Actives- Gandhapura, Peppermint, Turpentine, Eucalyptus and Cinnamon, along with the goodness of menthol and wintergreen for rapid and effective relief from muscle strains, sprains, neck pain, backache, shoulder and knee pain.

Backed by 136 years of Dabur’s Ayurvedic Knowledge, the Dabur Rheumatil Spray is prepared after extensive research and development to give fast and long-lasting relief from pain. The unique rapid-action formulation gets absorbed quicker, penetrates deep to reach the source of pain and reduces inflammation for effective pain relief.

Dabur Rheumatil Spray contains herbal actives and is completely safe on the skin. The non-greasy, non-sticky and non-staining spray can be used on all parts of the body, thus, providing complete long-lasting relief from body pain and inflammation. The pain relief spray comes in a cylindrical aerosol can with a spray head nozzle cap, which is easy to carry and convenient for both indoor and outdoor use.

Dabur Rheumatil Spray is also effective in treating pain from Lumbar Spondylitis, Fibrositis, Arthritis, Stiff neck, Frozen Shoulders, Lumbago, Backaches, Muscular Sprains and Spasms. The advertisement poster for Dabur Rheumatil Spray released on popular social media platforms- Facebook and Instagram, carries the tagline- “Pain relief so natural just like a mother’s touch.”

In the pain relief segment, Dabur Rheumatil also has other products like- Dabur Rheumatil oil, Dabur Rheumatil tablet, and Dabur Rheumatil Gel.

Announcing the launch of Dabur Rheumatil Spray, which marks the extension of Dabur’s Ayurvedic Pain Relief brand- Rheumatil into the Pain Relief spray category, Dr Durga Prasad, the Marketing Head-Ethicals of Dabur India Ltd, said, “This not only marks our entry into a new category but further boosts our Ayurvedic Healthcare products portfolio.”

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