Dabur Odonil introduces Air sanitizer to fight against this pandemic


The COVID pandemic has made all of us to maintain social distancing and give more importance for health and hygiene. In this current market, many companies have introduced different types of sanitizers to get protected from the deadly virus. Odonil is the leading room freshener and home fragrances brand from the house of Dabur.

In the recent TVC, Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon introduces customers to ‘Hawa Ka Doctor’, an air sanitizer released under Dabur’s Odonil brand. The company claims that by using this spray in indoors can kill germs. Also, the brand has products in various formats, such as pouches, blocks, spray, and zippers. Odonil also sells car fresheners.

Odonil started out claiming a stake in the germ-killing area as early as May. We noticed 10-second ads that claimed that the Triethylene Glycol in Odonil Air Freshener pouches can assist kill the germs in the air in bathrooms. Odonil’s advertising messages have usually targeted on freshness and different fragrances that provide non-intrusive approaches to constantly deodorizing a room/bathroom.

The main focus of the brand was on uplifting mood and making families happy. With the Coronavirus pandemic, the pivot has been to germ-killing capabilities and the point of interest has been on the specific element TEG, which is normally used in air sanitizer products. In aerosol form, this element acts as a disinfectant and hence, its usage in the marketing messages too.

Nobody would have thought of air disinfectants, but then no one would have thought of the current scenario we are living in either. In the current situation, with the virus spreading rapidly, customers are feeling very unprotected. The organizations are trying their best to innovate and fill a normal increasing need gap, some with product innovation and some with packaging innovations.

“Given current uncertainties, people might still select out it of an added protection layer, specifically to be used after one-off incidents, like someone visiting. This further to the increasing adoption of thermal weapons and surface disinfectants, especially before bringing parcels and items inside. Some working as a placebo, some as a precaution.” Divya Agarwal, senior planning director, Ogilvy said.


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