The new pack is planned to modernise McDowell’s No1 brand, which makes it the famous whisky in the country and provides the customer with an excellent experience. The design of the pack consists of elements which are distinguished by a McDowell logo. The bottle is now going to display a slightly taller new design than the original bottle, which gives the bottle a luxury look

The new No1-Original McDowell promises to deliver a more balanced whiskey experience that retains the Original Taste with great aroma and feels. The Smoothest No.1 McDowell’s No1-Luxury provides a superb experience for a wide variety of buyers, including young millennia, who also celebrate at home with fun and more conversations.

The embrace, like a hug when 3 or more friends/yarns meet, is an integral part of the design of the new logo and embodies the dedication of the company to promote friendship. The brand’s friendship philosophy is well-rooted in a completely new logo unit, which is also described as “open to every community” today.

“McDowell’s No1 has been on a continuous journey since 1968, making friends at all times,” said Amarpreet Anand, EVP Marketing & Portfolio head of Diageo India. We are pleased to offer you two distinct models – the better-balanced No1 and the smoothest No1 Luxury. No1 Luxury. We hope that this iconic brand will jump into a more modern and modern space with the new mix, bottle and packaging. “We’re looking forward to the Initial Luxury, the next time our customers want to celebrate.

In its contact, the latest movement # TheNewNo1 & # ChangedWithYou drive all borders across to progressive and inclusive young people. The brand would look at an ambitious communication strategy of 360 degrees, which builds on this new role. For the first time in all interactions-offline and online-the brand will also feature women.

The team behind the renovations of famous brands such as Guinness, Smirnoff, Tanqueray, Gordon’s, The Singleton is led by Design Bridge. The renovated No1 box from McDowell offers subtle but important design codes to make whiskey a more premium and young product.

Speaking of the design, Design Bridge Creative Director Jon Neal said, “This refurbishment is a symbol of the total improvement in McDowell’s visual language No1. For the next generation of drinkers, the brand name was streamlined and modernised, while preserving the positive characteristics that have established the popularity and prestige of the brand over the years. The simplicity of communication messages in the retail area has been combined with progressive core visuals and an impactful tiling on shelves. This results in a modern and aspiring aesthetic that gives our customers new brand experience.

The phased launch will experience refreshed pack on shelves across the country whole year.


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