Dailyhunt’s 10 seconds ads Targetting Youth audience


If your evening routine these days includes enjoying the most famous cricket league, the Indian Premier League (IPL), you will probably be aware of the ‘Sardar ji’ dilemma. It’s an advertisement filmed at a bar by Dailyhunt’s content and news aggregator application, where a ‘Sardar’ is seen handing a napkin to a lady sitting near him requesting for her name and number. She responded to him, only in a language (Thai) that he can’t even understand.

The ad ends next to Dailyhunt ‘s icon with the comment ‘samajh apni bhasha mein hi aata hai’.

The film is part of a recent campaign for the brand, a collection of six films which, the brand asserts, are an ode to all the advantages that Dailyhunt offers. The perspective for this unique film concentrating on regional languages is how you are most relaxed in your language and thus understand the best knowledge in that language, the CMO of the brand, Samir Vora, said.

The latest campaign focuses on the fresh essence of the brand and its young audiences, while Dailyhunt’s previous campaigns, such as #HarBhashaEqual and #KhudKiSochBanao, centered on the significance of linguistic diversity and encouraged the audience to develop their own opinion.

“Dailyhunt has always aimed at communicating with its readers through the real Bharat,” Vora says. Via quirky and fun videos, this campaign aims out to millennials across Bharat, using humour to interact for them to showcase Dailyhunt’s core advantages.

Every film is 10 seconds long, constructed by What’s Your Problem, a media-agnostic problem-solution creative agency. Vora says about the fast format of the advertising, Singular messaging always helps in 10 seconds.

Commenting on the initiative, “We decided to allow people to download Dailyhunt and introduce its features to life,” said Amit Akali, managing director and CCO, What’s Your Problem. Around the same time, in Dailyhunt’s tone, we had to do it-cheeky, fun, witty. One which appeals to the big, young India (Bharat).

The difficulty of running on the IPL, or most media these days, is showing the message in a small-time. Sippy (Prashant Issar) ensured that, in a split second, they could articulate all. And this is what has been applied to the humour. People tend to enjoy ‘Sardar,’ or the strange couple buying a couch, or the mother holding her daughter in line,’ he says.


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