Dealmaster drops price on wireless accessories


People try to get their hands on the trendy wireless AirPods and charging case because of how it turned into a fashion statement and most importantly, its travel-friendly property making it easier for people to charge their phone or listen to music, anytime and anywhere. However, some were hesitant to buy these wireless accessories because of its price, making it unaffordable for budget families and individuals craving to adorn the latest tech launches.

Dealmaster has updated with the best news of the price cut down on Apple AirPods and Qi wireless charge case combo which is down to $150 on Amazon. The actual MSRP of Apple, for this configuration, is $199; we have seen in the past the price go as down as $169 on Amazon. The wireless charging case alone has cost $70 too. However, the fluctuations have gone on the market, we haven’t seen the price go this low before.

Apple AirPods are famous at this point. Its wireless feature has attracted most customers, though many other companies claim to have wireless earbuds, the famous company dropping its own version of wireless headset caused a surge in the trend of wireless devices. Though the airport doesn’t sound as good as other headsets in its price range and has a body that might not fit everybody’s ears, the simple fact that it is lightweight easily matches to IPhones and also portable makes it attractive enough for buyers to pursue the product. If you already use a wireless charger for an iPhone, having the Qi charging case here can make refilling the headphones a bit less of a hassle, even if we wouldn’t quite call it essential. This model comes with Apple’s H1 wireless chip for steadier wireless connectivity and hands-free Siri support.

This is the best deal we have heard in a long time. One major point to be noted is that the Apple Company is planning to launch its new pair of AirPods that would arrive next year. Similar to the Apple Airpods Pro, which is a superior pair as of now, we can know what the next deal is going to be. So, if you are considering getting an upgraded version, then it’s worth the wait, or if you are an iPhone user and wish to get their best deal, then this is your opportunity to grab.


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