Delhi Ranks Eighth in Asia Pacific’s Retail Hotspots 2014


The national capital Delhi has been ranked the eighth position all over Asia Pacific when it comes to retail hotpsots. Well, the prime reason for the city to come to this position is due to the entry of nineteen global retailers to it.

As per the global property consultant CBRE’s Retail Hotspots in Asia Pacific 2014, the well known and emerging retail markets in the region witnessed 464 new retail entrants in the last year that is a significant increase of 23 percent from the year 2013.

The Retail Hotspots in Asia Pacific 2014 from CBRE notes about international retailer activity that occurs in the APAC region. In 2014,Tokyohas attracted the maximum number of retail entrants with a total of 63 and it is followed bySingaporewith 58,Taipeiwith new retail entrants of 49, Hong Kong with 45 andBeijingwith 34.

Notably, the key shopping districts of the Indian capital city managed to attract 19 global retailers in the last year that is more than the 16 entrants in 2013. Delhishared its position with Bangkokand Kuala Lumpur. Following Delhi, Mumbai has been ranked the 14th position with 11 new entries from the global retailers segment alongsideBrisbane. On the whole, the spotlight was focused on the emerging regions ofIndia,China and other parts ofSoutheast Asia.

Regarding this, Anshuman Managize, the Chairman and Managing Director at CBRE stated that they are expecting a growth in the retail sales segment all over the Asia Pacific region this year although there is a more cautious approach from the global retailers. The retailers are quite strategic in the store network planning and focusing segments in the already proven retail environments.

When it comes to retail segments, food and beverage is expected to be the most active one. Magazine added that consumers in this region are interested in new concepts and landlords are eager to create shopping destinations by providing more dining facilities. When it comes to the luxury and business retail segments, it saw a greatest share of 22.6 percent of new entrants.







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