Deloitte dives into Blockchain: Helps clients leverage technology


Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL), commonly known as Deloitte, is a multinational professional services network. In India, the company offers a wide range of Risk Advisory, Tax, Consulting, and Financial Advisory services across thirteen cities. They have existed for over a century in the professional arena supplements the technical proficiency of the client service teams to create powerful business solutions tailored to the client’s requirements.

The latest news regarding Deloitte is that they dive into the blockchain. They are helping more of their clients to leverage blockchain technology as it sees the distributed ledger technology gain increasing usage after years of experimentation with the technology. One of the partners at Deloitte Amy Steele indicates that they were in an ideation phase with blockchain, which was a long phase than they expected.

Amy Steele is the one who takes the audit initiative for Deloitte’s digital assets and blockchain emerging sectors and also chairs the American Institute of CPAs’ Digital Assets Working Group. Now they are seeing a pivot, with more companies focusing on the implementation phase, which is also estimated and expected to be lengthy. When companies plan to implement this more they are seeing a pivot from the company’s perspective that are more emerging disruptor companies to larger enterprises that are using blockchain for business purposes. They are seeing that shift more seriously.

In the last month, they released a report based on a survey of 1,488 senior executives and practitioners in 14 countries and territories, indicating that 88 percent of them believe blockchain will eventually achieve mainstream adoption. Around thirty-nine percent of respondents replied that they have already incorporated blockchain into production, in the last year it was 23 percent. People who consider blockchain as a top-strategic category is all-around fifty-five percent. They point out it as almost an inflation level by witnessing a big movement within the ecosystem and also they need to understand how they’re going to handle all the unique risks and suitability issues that come along with blockchain.

One of the big selling points in connection with blockchain is that it can increase efficiency and reduce the costs of doing business. In order to help the auditors for understanding the technology Center for Audit Quality has been working there. They consider different factors when working with blockchain. It is potentially a solution in several areas to do and can solve the business challenges


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