Delve into a palatable paradise this festive season with a delectable spread from Tiella


Bringing forth an unmissable- delectable experience for the tastebuds, Tiella is a sure hit for food enthusiasts and perfect for those craving authentic European cuisine this festive season.

Amidst the merriment and jubilation of the festivities, Tiella takes the diner’s taste buds  on an unforgettable escapade by bringing to you its satiating offerings and transporting you to the heart of Europe.

Convenient and easy to order, the hub is a dream for those being caught up in the festive spirit dreaming to dig into divine dishes. Your saviour during the euphoria of celebrations, Tiella leaves you spoilt for choice with its extremely well-curated menu with each and every dish being made with love and care using fresh and premium ingredients.

From a plethora of palatable dishes like the Bolognese Pasta: a dream for the pasta lovers doused with minced meat, tomatoes, herbs and wine to the Fettuccine in Truffle Emulsion being luxe on a plate. The Gnocchi is cloud-like soft and melts in the mouth while Pizza’s are to die for and include the Three Cheese Pizza, Regina Margherita and the Pepperoni Pizza.

Perfect for the festive season, their juicy burgers with tender buns and mouth-melting patties along with the perfect combination of Sandwiches is a convenient indulgence for those longing to satiate their hunger. Reminisce their perfectly curated platters including the Meze Platter and the Triple Fries Basket while ending on a sweet note with decadent desserts like the Crème Caramel, gooey brownies, silky soft cheesecakes, the Tiramisu and much more! 

Serving to you all 7 days between 12pm to 12am and being your last minute saviour for this festive season, order in some unmissable European cuisine from Tiella and douse into it’s decadent offerings.

Skedaddle on a palatable journey to Italy with Tiella’s lip-smacking European delicacies this joyous season!

Delivery Outlet: Delhi: +917827906772

Operational Timings: 12pm – 12am

Instagram Handle:


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