‘Depend on Us’ Campaign by Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce features Sanjay Maanjrekar


The key goal of the campaign is to push interaction using social media and establish an immediate connection with the viewer. Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance has unveiled its latest IPL digital initiative, ‘Depend on Insurance,’ which reveals the vitality of getting a life insurance policy for an unparalleled period. A series of five multimedia videos have been created to make citizens’ consciousness more popular.

The goal of the campaign is to illustrate the similarities between cricketing and real life, where a single moment or judgment can save life or change the game.

 Tarannum Hasib, Head of Distributive Science Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance, told that it was fitting to reaffirm insurance importance as the most trustworthy commodity in a series of web films that highlight the definition in times of insurance, ‘Based upon insurance,’ as people search for trustworthy solutions ‘Subscribe to Us.'”

We needed a voice for the initiative, who knows the inside out of Cricket, someone both on and off the pitch, and who could express both opinions. We chose Sanjay Manjrekar as the front, although there are many alternatives for the bill,”  She also said that the key goal of the initiative is to decide that while you are on a sticky wicket, you need someone you can count on, whether it is cricket or life.

 Our earlier ads focused on building our brand identity ‘allowing consumers to satisfy their commitments to their loved ones.’ This initiative is about the guarantee of Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance to consumers; you can rely on us that we are a credible insurance provider.

 The initiative aims to take a look at the state of the pandemic. “The COVID–19 has generated much unsafety and uncertainty in people’s minds; it has led us into a campaign which places insurance as a solution to all their doubts concerning their financial security and their family’s health because people worry about the future of the family in these uncertain times.To optimize its coverage, the organization has chosen IPL to draw a comparison between cricket to insurance.

 We are all aware of India’s cricket fascination and its history, but in the running of IPL seasons, cricket fans will help if you need someone who is loyal in stressful times and who is equated with insurance.


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