The pandemic has overthrown the operation of businesses, this is also making it impossible to predict the B2B, and B2C marketing and sales after the COVID-19 pandemic era. There is no doubt that mow a-days more goods and services move online and many employees will work in a fusion setting or remotely for much of next year. They had an insight from the wide-ranging customers’ reaction or situation to COVID-19, into the marketing trends that have started to work in the new normal, and what you can expect in 2021. Conversational marketing is going to continue to be an important factor in a successful strategy as brand loyalty, and trust becoming more connected.

Consumers should be able to talk to the brand and get a response which lives up to their fair expectation at every touchpoint. The business’s contract intelligence should be easy to find. It considers that human touch or innovation is very important which machines cannot. Every customer should make the customers feel part of the brand, and should also embrace the conversation. Machine-led Disruption, in today’s world every brand, and marketers use the terms like AI and MI, and it also has a very broad connotation. Media planning can be managed by AI and Machine Learning, also they can buy their large enterprises, and are working on this via their AdTech and MarTech projects. Visual/Experiential, in this decade XR or extended reality that includes VR/MR/AR technologies will revolutionize how we consume and create. It is clear that on different platforms marketing has gone beyond just advertising.

Data privacy and respect, since it is considered that marketers data is gold but in the online space as customer privacy is the most valuable commodity. The brands need to respect privacy and customer data and use it brilliantly. It is important to know that any communication brand using the data should also be beneficial to the customer. Ironically many of the business people consider the year 2020 as back to business school but without any curriculum. The marketers did their best to steer the brand in the best direction they think, they strongly believe the year 2021 is where they can seize the opportunities since they learned from the crisis and developed a new strategy.     


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