Digidarts takes up the Digital Media and Strategic Planning for Borngood


BornGood is a home care solutions company that is now partnered with performance-based Digital Marketing agency DigiDarts, to provide an advantage on digital platforms and to expand, promote its brand presence.

BornGood provides home care solutions, which is helping people to contribute to making the planet better in a significant way. Their products have been framed with the utmost care and perfection for the laundry needs of today, backed by 50 years of expertise in the field of global textile transforming from their parent companies- Ramson’s garment finishing equipment & European textile chemical corporation.

BornGood is India’s first environment-friendly start-up which has introduced refill packing that contains up to 70% less plastic than bottles and also, they are working on a program to collect the plastic packaging back from the customer.

Digidarts will be officially managing BornGood’s media buying, strategic and creative implementation of organic and paid digital marketing requirements. With this binding, BornGood hopes to utilize digital marketing tools to push its core business goals, which is to make the surroundings and planet better. The company’s mission is to focus on bringing out leading-edge technology for Indian consumers, to better take care of the clothes, skin, and the environment.

Digidarts has been delighted to take a new journey along with Born Good, whose mission statement is to contribute towards the betterment and fulfillment of the planet. We shall be looking after the digital aspects of introducing and marketing a unique line of products for the Indian buyers.

Innovation that they have launched is India’s first Antimicrobial detergent, which has been proven to kill bacteria and deactivate viruses and they are designed for activewear and can be used in all clothes, towels, and linen. They are also planning to introduce India’s only Shade Revive detergent which is proven to restore the colour in faded garments and also prevents new garments from fading.

“Born Good was established to help people contribute to the planet in a significant way and we are pleased to work with Digidarts whose vast expertise will help us bring our products to a wider audience” Mohit Belani, Founder & Director of BornGood, said.


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