Digital influence among urban consumers rises by 70%


We know that the pandemic COVID 19 created plenty of changes within the people. Now they’re practicing unusual activities like washing hands frequently, wearing a mask, using sanitizers, etc. The exciting thing is now the people adopting it as a part of their existence. Along with this, lots of changes have been brought by the lockdown. Now the purchasers are immersed completely in digital activities. Many of the companies shifted their focus from traditional to digital marketing. Companies realized that it is the foremost suitable environment to conduct the business smoothly. 

According to the new three reports published by the Facebook India and Boston Consulting Group, exhibited that, COVID 19 induced changes within the trail of consumers purchase across mobile phones, apparel, and consumer packaged goods(CPG) categories. It is the follow up of the report published last month ‘Turn The Tide’. The key facts shown within the most recent report is that digital influence has increased significantly in urban consumers up to 70% of mobiles, 55%-60% for attire, and up to 20-25% for the non-food CPG categories. They mentioned three styles of consumer trends that we are witnessing that have made the smartphones even more central a component of our lives and reversal of past trends like bringing the skin in-home through virtual experience, acceleration of past trends leading to stronger adoption of digital and online, and formation of recent habits like DIY. 

Another important thing revealed findings like virtual event and give-and-take attended by several leaders of India Inc saw that big companies like Samsung India, Mondelez India, and big Bazar, etc shifted their focus from offline retail to digital path. The director and head of Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook India, Sandeep Bhushan remarked that the digital significance increased across the trail to induce and also we are commonly seeing business convert this increased digital influence into tangible business outcomes. He also mentioned that an enormous digital acceleration went on to the rear of social media, now 400 million + Indians connected on the Facebook family of apps in India. During the period of lockdown, 90 percent of consumers purchased apparel online, within CPG, this figure is 80 percent of food-related subcategories, and 84 percent for non-food related products. So it clearly shows the impact of COVID positively affect on digital marketing.


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