Digital transformation of businesses post COVID-19


It is a known fact that a lot of hindrances has come along the way of digital leadership in the post COVID era. Both categories of companies, ie, businesses that are in the middle of digitization and organizations which do not formally plan for digitization are now reorienting their strategies around digital factors to solve the problems caused by covid-19.The criteria of digital leadership Pearl Zhu has defined in the book ‘Digital Master’ seems most apt in the current times and also mentioned about the 5 facets that a digital leader possesses:

1. Thought leadership with the capability to be tough in facing the market and competition change.

2. creative leadership with the creativity and innovation mindset to formulate the idea into reality.

3. Global visionary leadership can provide direction and becomes an orchestra in transforming the digital business transformation. 

4. Inquisitive leadership that can deal with the complex and dynamic ecosystem due to volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) factors and possessing the learning capability.

5. Profound leadership to lead in complex times, to use their knowledge in interpretation, assumption and synthesizing the information for decision making.

The Leadership style and structure that prevails in conceived computerized associations is altogether different from initiative required for associations that are changing tracks from their tried and true methods of working together to leave upon advanced change ventures. The Leadership in associations experiencing computerized change is diverse as the changing venture impacts a few elements of the business requires to unite an array of encounters and skill to assemble groups and persuade them. In short Further, leaders would need to face the challenge of rethinking the future now and then based on how advancements develop and are reclassifying the business and the general public. However, leaders would need to watch out for the primary concern, characterize achievement measurements for brief time frames, and have the option to evaluate accomplishments against these now and again to manufacture certainty with the groups and reclassify technique and achievement measurements. Such mind-boggling moves call for uncommon capacities that would have lucidity of direction and verbalization of the thoughts in the centre of authority.


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