Dineout’s personalised video ads taking the marketing to a new level


Dineout’s personalised video ads taking the marketing to a new level

New Delhi, 25 March 2021: As a part of its efforts to promote the 6th edition of India’s largest restaurant festival – the Great Indian Restaurant Festival (GIRF), Dineout has rolled out a series of personalised video ads featuring wildly popular digital creator, Kusha Kapila. These first-of-its-kind ads released on Facebook & Instagram have been tweaked to address certain common Indian names to peak the interest of prospective Dineout users, and is leaving Indian netizens in splits.


In times where social media platforms are struggling for a user’s real estate on their mobile screens amongst a plethora of ads, the hyper-personalised communication by Dineout is thumb-stopping and grabbing the user’s attention. Using data-led creative marketing, Dineout created personalized targeted messages for its users with  top common first names like Ankit, Abhishek, Rohit, Neha & more. The video starts with Kusha Kapila, a well-known social media influencer calling out the first name followed by talking about Dineout’s Great Indian Restaurant Festival.

The response on these ads has been full of surprises and shocks, where netizens are wondering how an ad has been personalised with their first name. Some called it AI while some called it a convention of uniting all the “Abhishek’s” and “Rohit’s”.

Speaking on the runaway success of this creative marketing effort, Nikhil Bakshi, Co-founder and Marketing Head – Dineout said, “At Dineout, our marketing team is always on the lookout for newer and more creative ways to reach prospective users, but we’ve truly outdone ourselves this time. Most of us have grown up hearing common Indian names like ‘Rahul’, ‘Neha’ and ‘Abhishek’. With this edition of GIRF, we married this insight with data learning to create ads that will not only be a pleasant surprise for users but truly be thumb-stopping in a sea of unlimited content & the plethora of ads they see on their phones today. These personalised ads where Kusha greets you by your name, and talks about the latest GIRF are surely among the quirkiest and most memorable ads ever produced by the Indian F&B industry!”

These ads are a part of Dineout’s ‘Dineout Par Dekho’ brand campaign which tells consumers about the real 50% off deals, which is unlike any other deals available in the market. The campaign is based on the simple insight of how Indians love to save and get value for their money, marrying it with their love for food and how it is enjoyed best when served hot and fresh.

The festival is on until 31st March 2021 at 10,000 leading restaurants across 20 cities. As a part of this festival, the brand is offering flat 50% off on restaurant bills at a host of leading restaurants including JW Marriott, Radisson, Mainland China, Punjab Grill, Oh Calcutta, The Irish House, The Great Kabab Factory, Mad Over Donuts, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Barbeque Nation, Cafe Delhi Heights & many more. 


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