Disruptive branding: the road to win the times of change


Brands no longer trust in plain vanilla branding. They seek radical ways to make their brands stand out. It is often known as disruptive branding.

The new-age brands discover creative methods to win the test of change. Disruptive branding focuses on creativity and innovation. It takes the road that is less traveled.

Customers and feedback are essential factors that boost the popularity of brands. Companies should not focus on identity and logo design but should invest in resources that connect them to the emotional values of consumers. 

Innovation is a key factor that changes the future of brands. Consumers abandon legacy brands if they have outdated brand images and are more data-centric than human-centric. So, they must reinvent themselves with advanced technology. In India, Maggi enjoys the prestige of a legacy brand. It is incontestable power in the marketing industry as it has adapted itself to the new changes.

Digital revolution fuels the process of branding. Brands embrace exponential technologies like augmented reality (AR) /virtual reality (VR), cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology to leverage their reachability. Companies should follow steps like target marketing, selection of optimal market channel, clear cut plan based on the number, previous benchmark, and case studies.

Bhairav Shanth, MD of ITW Consulting,guides new brands to carve unique paths. He shares his experience working with CRED, an Indian fintech company. They had already selected their target audience as credit card holders above a specific credit score.

Shanth asked them to share their KRA’s. Instead of giving them a mix of digital, TV, and other platforms for branding. He was specific, experimental and pushed them to associate with IPL as an official partner. 

He applied an activation called CRED Powerplay that stated that those consumers who would pay the bill through CRED during IPL Powerplay would receive 100% cashback. The activation went viral and their business grew by leaps and bounds.

OTT platform is a powerful medium for branding and advertising. It helps the brand to communicate with a group of young, wealthier, and digital individuals. These platforms enable companies to showcase their brands with people living in remote locations and for advanced targeting.

In these days youngsters belonging to the group of cord-nevers are increasing. Cord-nevers are those who have never applied for cable subscriptions. They solely depend on OTT platforms for entertainment, news, and shopping. So, OTTs would be the first option that enables companies to advertise their brands.

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