Famrut: ESDS digital agro platform


ESDS, Software Solution Limited, has launched Famrut, a digital agro platform at their Nashik Data Centre. It aims for the digital transformation of Indian farming.

ESDS, India’s leading Managed Cloud Service, is often termed ‘India’s Preferred’ cloud service provider. They develop technology that reshapes traditional IT techniques and guides in achieving substantial business values. It works to touch the lives of one billion Indian citizens by 2024.

Famrut acts as a digital transformational catalyst that helps farmers to increase their revenues. It offers future-ready farming solutions. It tries to quadruple the wages of farmers by 2025 through digital handholding and digital empowerment.

Its main objective is to extract maximum yield from agricultural lands by connecting farmers with relevant agronomists in the entire agricultural economy. Farmers also get access to banking and insurance plans.

Famrut opens the scope of digital agriculture by using AI/MI and IoT technologies. It takes the help of agricultural drones to tackle problems like fighting pests and infections, spraying fertilizers, monitoring fields, and yield count.

Satellite mapping and surveying are techniques used to identify temperature, climate conditions, and soil fertilization. IoT sensors help to monitor the optimal water amount, fertilizers needed for the crops, etc. Greenhouse automation attains accurate information about lightning, irrigation systems, and humidity through smart farming sensors.

The Famrut app provides farmers with crop calendars with notifications. It has a fertilizer calculator with pricing combinations, detailed crop insights, market accessibility with payment gateway integrations, farm health monitoring with eNlight IoT cloud, and consultations through eNlight meet.

Famrut offers six main features for farmers in the arena of farming like plant lifecycle, soil and crop health monitoring, species management (recognition and breeding), weather forecasting, predictive analytics of market prices, forums and media galleries.

Plant lifecycle provides alerts on each stage of the lifecycle of crops. The next feature is soil and crop health monitoring which tests the crop’s growth, height, diseases, and yield using cameras and sensors.

The third feature is species management that recognizes the plant species and predicts the genes that contain beneficial traits using probability models. The weather feature gives systematic alerts to protect crops from unpredictable weather conditions.

Predictive analytics updates farmers with daily commodity prices. This feature uses IoT and smart technology and informs the risk of diseases and crop harvesting times. They get to know the maximum and minimum prize of local crops by fetching real-time data from the respective geographical location. Forums and media galleries help them upload pictures and videos on the internet to find solutions related to farming.

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