Dollar Industries enhances new identity through wide-spread OOH campaign


Vinod Kumar Gupta, MD, believes that OOH media will contribute efficiently to its communication campaign because it is extremely moved through traffic junctions, markets, and transit venues, such as airports and train stations.

One of India’s leading hobby and knitwear companies, Dollar Industries has recently upgraded the brand architecture and logo. Platinum Outdoor was partnered for a strategic and calculated rebranding workout to show the new ‘Wear the Change’ vision of the brand. Dollars Industries decided on a robust OOH campaign across 800 plus locations covering over 200 cities/cities in India with 21 days to complete after the digital launch with brand ambassador Akshay Kumar.

Vinod Kumar Gupta, CEO of the Dollar Industries, shared with him his thoughts on the OOH campaign: “The pandemic of COVID 19 has restricted the transit vehicles and movement of persons, which is why we have concentrated on digital and social media platforms. We have great confidence, however, that OOH media will effectively contribute to our communication campaign with the easing of lockdown restrictions across different countries! OOH has a huge impact through junctions, businesses and access hubs, such as airports and rail stations.”

“We recently have undergone a transition in brand design. This is important for our customers and interested stakeholders to explain the shift to us. People spend lots of time on the road with workplaces resuming operations. We also feel deeply that the media outside have tremendous capacity and are here to coexist with modern times,” he said.

In order to create a top-of-the-line awareness of the Dollar logo, premium media such as billboards, sports, uni polls, and services were selected. These assets have been tactically identified and selected in light of unlocking phase 1 road mobility. Differently, various contact points, main junctions of the city, major streets, main markets, bus stops, rail stations, entry and exit of the cities, were chosen based on the city/urban topography and the OOH movement.

This helps to bring the company’s brand to revamp the message to the fore and to increase consumer appeal.

Dipankar Sanyal, CEO Platinum Outdoor, spoke of Dollar Industries’ association: “Over a decade ago we were associated with Dollar Industries. We are proud of being part of the shift in the branding of the Dollar brand. The Dollar was always faithful in the power of the homeless and the campaign has been carried out with the same conviction and strictness. The campaign by Dollar has given the outdoor industry the return signal that has been badly affected due to the lockdown.”


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