Dosti on Dating Apps: 18 million Quack Quack users crown


Embracing the essence of friendship day, the dating app trusted by 18 million young daters, Quack Quack analysed its user data and behaviour aiming to understand the place of dating apps in terms of friendship. The app sees 410 chats exchanged and 1690 profiles viewed every minute. And, as it turns out QuackQuack’s data and survey shows that among the approx. 22,000 downloads per day, more and more people are joining the dating app intending to make friends rather than just dating. 41% of the new QuackQuack users are looking to make new friends, and the majority of these people are from tier 2 cities.

32% of female users between the age of 25 and 30 disclosed their platonic friendship with their once dates. They all have been on dates with these men, and it did not seem to work out. But their chemistry as friends was off the charts. They are great friends now. Some of these women even revealed hooking these ‘ex-dates’ with their other friends.

Users from tier 2 cities show comparatively more desire towards finding new friends on dating apps than users from metros like- Bangalore and Delhi. Talking to a male or female online friend is more appealing to users from small cities and towns. It can stem from the fact that they live in a society that does not take very kindly to such friendships in real life. Owing to such issues, chatting and making new friends on dating apps is a win-win for these users.

Additionally, dating is an issue for users from small cities due to finding a lower number of profiles. We see users expanding their search all over India to help them find new friends they can chat with and maintain their online friendships.

User behaviour per observation shows 1 in every 4 female users hailing from towns and cities like Ludhiana, Jalandhar, and Malerkotla have multiple male friends from different and mostly far-off places. They also tend to chat with their male friends on the app every day.

Per the survey report, 37% of the male users of QuackQuack expressed that mentioning they are looking for friends in their bio made them appear more approachable and fetched them better responses. QuackQuack Founder and CEO Ravi Mittal commented, “We see several budding friendships and romances blossoming in our app. QuackQuack is not limited to a certain category of relationship.”

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