Nuvocotto’s ceiling tiles to steal people’s glance.


Nuvocotto tiles which are almost 23 years old are known for their unique art of designing and for manufacturing elegant Eco-friendly terracotta products. This brings back the olden times when our ancestors used to build their houses with clay products. As a moment of reminiscing olden times, Nuvocotto helps customers bestow their dream house with a fabulous collection of terracotta items. The word Nuvocotto is a merger of Nuvo, meaning “new”.Nuvocotto tiles provide a wide range of products like Roofing tiles, bricks and walls, floor tiles, Mangalore tiles, ceiling tiles, terracotta panels and jaalis. They have used their best artisans and good local soil to craft quality products. Nuvocotto has established its presence in states like Gujarat, Assam, Delhi, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and many more. They have more than 40 dealers and franchises across the country.

The Mangalore roof tiles are the most famous kind in India. These roof tiles’ universal availability makes them the favourite option of designers, fabricators and end customers. Nuvocotta has put lots of effort into creating a variety of roofs like full glass tiles, Penta roofs, ridges, and semi-glass tiles. And also they provide service of installing and maintaining the roofs and tiles. Along with the availability of unique tile designs they provide distinct tile patterns like flower ceiling tiles, honey comb ceiling tiles and plain ceiling tiles.

One of the unique products of Nuvocotto is jaalis. Jaalis are the perforated stone made with an ornamental pattern and provided with various patterns like Edan, Camp, Quadra, Wings, Tv and Amber jaalis. These various patterns can be used in Facades, ceiling decoration and even on pave. The popular review of the customers is that once installed it’s forever unless purposely broken.

Monish Kumar Siripurapu, the founder and principal architect of Ant Studio, In collaboration with his teammates, he has secured many international competitions for architecture and design, including the Green Design Award for Design Against The Elements (DATE), the Commercial Design award at FOAID-2018, and lately, the competition for the modernisation and development of the Imagination Centre at Dhun, Jaipur. His works have been published across well renowned architectural journals and platforms, such as World Economic Forum, Architectural Digest, ArchDaily, and Inhabitant, among others

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