DoubleVerify launches contextual targeting solutions


DoubleVerify has launched the Custom Contextual targeting to strengthen DV Publisher Suite.

The new solution will help digital publishers to increase profit and outreach in the post-cookie era. Without sacrificing consumer privacy and by positively targeting relevant ads.

DoubleVerify is a software platform that provides digital media measurement, data and analytics. The initiative will help premium publishers by positively targeting relevant ads and aligning inventory with advertiser targeting objectives.

DoubleVerify’s Custom Contextual Solutions doesn’t only rely on keyword analysis as others. It utilizes the Sematic Science engine of DV in order to produce accurate and relevant categories.

Using this approach, DV classifies content into 200,000+ concepts, as well as new in-market and event-based categories, enabling publishers to prioritize and price inventory based on the topics that resonate most with specific advertisers.

Mark Zagorski, CEO of DoubleVerify said, privacy regulations, the derogating third-party cookies and mobile identifiers chaperoning away from the third-party audience targeting.

DV Custom Contextual for publishers is a thrilling and lifesaving launch, a solution that obeys the privacy regulations and utilizes more than ten years of experience in ontology to help both advertisers and publishers. This will drive performance by creating creative content and relevant context in the ads. 

Mostly keyword-targeted ads for contextual targeting gets aligned with irrelevant content or content that is in the negation of brands principle and standards, said Mimi Wotring, SVP of Publisher Sales and Client Services at DoubleVerify. 

Keyword-based contextual targeting has a vault of effectiveness for audience targeting and inventory monetization. It is thrilling to unbolt the full potential of contextual targeting and to help, publishers thrive in a post-cookie, privacy-first world.

Publishers can empower advertisers to reach customers with ads in IAB categories, and seasonal categories to target relevance of customers intent.

Publishers using DV Custom Contextual will benefit from:

  • Increased CPMs: Using DV Custom Contextual allows publishers to sell segments of inventory as premium placements and by providing content adjacency, it can be packaged at premium CPMs.
  • Decreased Data Costs: It is a low-cost substitute to protect their interests from the no cookies future. Especially the Publishers who are reliant on third-party data for behavioural targeting via a DMP.
  • Scale: Over 400 signal targeting, publishers will get hold of all the potential niche segments of traffic that interests buyers.

Health & Fitness is broken into 45 subcategories to help publishers differentiate between content about Allergies vs Exercise vs Nutrition and find the unique pockets of inventory for each advertiser they work with.

In November 2020, DoubleVerify launched Custom Contextual for advertisers to help brands deliver privacy-safe targeting programmatically across the customers. 

Publishers can utilize the proven technology to help maximize the impact of their premium content and drive performance for brands across direct buys.

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