Dr. Keith Keuh has been appointed as Director of engineering


Dr. Keith Kueh has been named Director of Engineering at EVE World, and Ozan Yukruk has been named Director of Operations.

Dr. Keith Kueh of Singapore has been named Director of Engineering, and Ozan Yukruk of Ukraine has been named Product Lead at EVE WORLD, a women-only platform that offers expression, creation, and community enablement.

Keith will oversee and grow EVE’s technical team in product development, research, and design, as well as machine learning and blockchain technologies, in his new role. Ozan, on the other hand, will use his product and technical expertise to guarantee that the roadmap is fully aligned with the vision and business goals.

Keith and Ozan will collaborate closely with the company’s founders, Tarun Katial, Aparna Acharekar, and Rajneel Kumar.

The announcement, which is expected to be live later this year, is in keeping with the platform’s goal of speeding up development and creating a solid basis.

Mr. Rajneel Kumar, Co-Founder – EVE WORLD, stated of the new position, “We are incredibly thrilled to have Keith with us.” His deep understanding of technology and cross-industry expertise is a valuable asset for Eve World. We are certain that Keith’s broad knowledge and experience will be critical in driving the platform’s growth, making him a great addition to our leadership team.

Furthermore, bringing Ozan on board is another excellent hire by us, as he will explore ways to boost engagement on the site. His extensive gaming skills will be beneficial.

Keith joins Eve World with over two decades of domain expertise and technical prowess. He had a diverse spectrum of experience in technology, sales, and marketing for firms such as Ahealo, Gracious, and Socket during his distinguished career. He was also in charge of technological infrastructure development and services for some organizations in Singapore.

My goal is to establish a future-proof tech architecture that focuses on a seamless and innovative user experience, as well as to employ blockchain technology to create a safe virtual environment for women around the world.”

Ozan also brings with him over 15 years of experience in the technology sector, as well as additional five years of product management experience.

“I’m happy to be a part of EVE WORLD and looking forward to being a part of the numerous milestones that they set in their path,” Ozan Yukruk said of the appointment. As we continue to construct a decentralized, engaging, and safe digital ecosystem for women around the world, I hope to make the most of my software development and product management talents.”

Eve World aspires to offer a good and meaningful digital experience for women around the world, where young girls and women of all ages may create and consume content, exchange opinions and thoughts, engage in conversation, and form friendships in a responsible and safe virtual environment.

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