Dream11 ‘s latest Indian ‘timepass’ commercial


The Tilt Brand Solutions ads, featuring an assortment of Indian cricketers, encourage users to get on the platform and play. Since the tournament started, the title sponsor of IPL 2020 has been seen very busy. The most recent publicity is a collection on youTube channel with 10-second advertisements.

In the advertisement series with every different cricketer, they used different taglines. The first advertisement includes Rohit Sharma, the captain of the Mumbai Indians, and the vice-captain of the Indian National Cricket Team telling a dull young man to avoid the bubble and play Dream11 instead.

Another ad features Shikhar Dhawan, a left-hand opener who plays in home cricket for Delhi and in IPL for Delhi Capitals.telling a man “Hoola hoop rehne do”

Delhi Capitals commercial features Rishabh Pant, also the Indian National Cricket team’s wicket holder.uses the phrase “seeti rehne do”. Dinesh Karthik is also star in one of the ad films. Kolkata Knight Riders Captain and says “Kitna Ghoomoge”.

Hardik Pandya plays for Mumbai Indians is also featured in the ads films talks about “Pyaar Ke Sath mat Khel” and asking a person to make a team on Dream 11

The main motive is to tell about the concept of  Dream11 which is a fantasy gaming site for various sports such as cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi, hockey, volleyball, handball, and baseball. An online game where users create a virtual team of real-life players and gain points based on the success of these players in real-life matches.

The advertising highlight the very ‘Indian’ phenomenon of ‘timepass,’ which is a concept used to characterize insane behaviors in free time. It is generally seen as unproductive, so the placement of the brand is rational

Tilt Brand Solutions has also launched a series of commercials featuring cricket players in Gully cricket matches that strike a chord of nostalgia, reminiscing on sunny afternoons on crickets played at street corners.

The game has its own rules here and everyone can hold them, no matter how big a star, “read the video’s YouTube summary.” Today, cricket was and still is played on the streets. It adds that most players retain these memories, regardless of when or whether they travel.


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