#Dua Ka Sona 2.0: Latest emotional campaign from the Jewellery giant “Tanishq”


Jewellery Brand Tanishq has introduced a new advertising and marketing campaign known as “Dua Ka Sona 2.0”. The campaign is all focused on Tanishq’s spirit of offering and highlighting its efforts towards its employees during this hard time. It focuses to endorse the spirit of professionals and the indisputable call of empathy in the wake of this COVID-19 pandemic crisis and pass the message that every act of kindness and every attempt, whether it is small or big, it comes with blessings.

The company disclosed that the campaign aims to bring to light the ethical, responsible, and sustainable business activities engaged by the brand since it is founded. With an attempt to give back to society, the brand has extracted various steps to boost and help the lives of karigars (workers) and assist them to deal with the outcomes of Covid-19.

The 1 minute 30-second long movie describes the stories of various people affected by the pandemic, and their relationship with the brand like Alok, Samar, Arifa and Parvati. In trademark Tanishq style, the video highlights the sentiments in the circumstances of human interactions and connections like a wedding, or a young girl, who is gifting jewelry to her mother.

Ajoy Chawla, Chief executive officer of jewelry division, Titan Company, said that “They thought this interaction will be meaningful to all those who are part of the new India, driving for progress, thinking and aware individuals who seek relevantly, determining brands and in general a more beneficial way of living. Today’s Indian customer is global in his overlook, and has a wide sense of passion in India’s real improvement.”

The intended interest group for this campaign is a lot of Tanishq target crowd, which is a wide assortment of sections, he included. From the wedding purchaser to the individuals who are purchasing for individual achievements. From the plain gold attached at this point dynamic lady to the advanced and urban precious stone studded purchasers, who look for embellishment. From the millennial working youthful grown-up to the all-around settled family home-makers.

Tejas Mehta, head working official and Prakhar Deogirikar, Imaginative chief, WYP Brand Solutions, included that, “A solid property is one that can work for a brand on different occasions. “#Dua ka Sona” is something we propelled for Tanishq a year ago, displaying how all the favors they have gotten from the activities for karigars, ladies strengthening, and the earth, are soaked up inside their gold. In any case, when the ongoing extreme occasions hit, littler acts outweighed over large ones.


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