Nikon India launches “unlock your passion” campaign for amateurs


Multinational giant Nikon will announce a theme on its social media platforms every week for one month, as a part of “ unlock your passion” campaign. They are allowing the creators to show their talents and creativity. Many of them have talents in various areas such as cooking, fitness, or makeup, etc, those who have such abilities can share their work with a wider audience of Nikon India. It’s mainly aimed at encouraging users to share their creativity through persuasive and impactful images and this campaign is focused on providing a platform to showcase the special work of the creators from different walks of life.

As a part of this campaign, Nikon will announce a theme on its social media platforms every week for one month, and based on that users would be required to share their entries and those who are winners will be featured on Nikon India’s official Instagram handle.

The requirement for participation: One has to select a theme of his passion from the different themes such as food, fashion, fitness, wildlife, traveling, etc on your Instagram accounts with the hashtags # unlock your passion. And also they mentioned the right equipment that perfectly fits every Vlogger’s content creator needs, the Nikon Z 50 Vloggers kit can be availed at a special discount of 58 percent which is applicable only for accessories, and 20 percent for the complete kit.

Another important thing is, from that campaign they will announce the various specification of their product Nikon Z 50 Vloggers kit. And they also said it is the perfect pair to share the storytelling journey of their customers. When it comes to the specification, it has a compact, lightweight, and powerful mirrorless camera and it inherits the proud DNA of the Z series. It is designed around the Nikon’s revolutionary Z mount, the widest lens mount of any comparable camera system. For the additional ease and convenience, all necessary buttons are placed on the right side of the camera body. It is always excellent for content creators because it is equipped with inbuilt Bluetooth and wifi for Snapbridge 2.6, enabling them to instantly share snapshots into their smartphone and social media. They will introduce the product differently.


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