Duroflex appoints Vector Brand Solutions as its Agency


The Vector Brand Solutions is taking care of the branding and communication for the Duroflex sleep solutions company.  

Duroflex, the sleep solutions company, has granted its Brand and Communications order to a Mumbai-based brand named Vector Brand Solutions.  

Smita Murarka, chief marketing officer of Duroflex said that they have been embarked on a new phase in the brand’s journey. It is to serve many more consumers with better sleep solutions to them. She says that they believe they owe it completely to their consumers and to help them make more knowledgeable choices on something as vital as sleep. She says they are confident and excited about embarking on this mission with the team at Vector, who with their contemporary approach to brand building and communication development across formats, platforms and channels will help them in what they have set out to achieve. 

Paul Dueman, a chief business officer of Vector Brand Solutions added that they are absolutely thrilled to be chosen to partner with Duroflex to build the brand and the business. They are fully invested in helping Duroflex fulfill its responsibility and its desire to be the brand that the country turns to, and to sleep better. He says that they are both confident and excited in the belief that their through-the-funnel approach and performance-branding philosophy will bring to endure all that is needed to help fulfill their rightful ambition, which hereon, is theirs too. 

When looking into the journey of Duroflex, what started as something small in the backwaters of Kerala in 1964, is now a brand synonymous with sound sleep. Almost five decades ago, right amidst the backwaters of Kerala, P.C. Mathew envisioned helping India sleep better with Duroflex. Their journey had always been something that had its graph going upwards and from winning orders from the Indian Government to establishing a retail network and opening global export channels, they grew from a business into a brand within a decade. Putting the customer’s needs first, they were first in the category to build a mattress portfolio based on the customer’s sleep needs. Their four Signature Mattress Ranges with more than a hundred comfortable levels of sleep are engineered to improve overall sleep quality. 

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