Mr and Mrs. Upputuru turn entrepreneurs again, launch EFGH


Emmanuel Upputuru, former Cheil India chief creative officer, has relaunched EFGH Brand Innovations. Upputuru had founded ITSA before he joined Cheil.

At the EFGH, he works alongside his wife Joyce Shepherd Upputuru. The two hope to ‘alter the game in the big talent war’ with EFGH.

Emmanuel Upputuru stated, “Obviously, people want to know what EFGH stands for. That’s one of the reasons I chose it over the million other names I considered. The obvious response is I’m not sure. Is it short for something? A shorthand? There is no definitive answer; it might be, it might be a term. I have consistently resisted doing only one type of work. EFGH needs to develop into something on its own without my imposing a name and meaning upon it. The operating model will cause disruption. We have already demonstrated this with a large project we completed for Tech Mahindra for their debut into the Metaverse. A team of 14 specialists hand-picked from various geographies and skill sets, with the customer in New York and the job delivered in Barcelona. This involved working with Mr. Mahindra on a movie. We made a tremendous debut, so that’s great.”

He continued ” For my co-founders, I had to merely look beside me. Joyce has a true artistic soul in addition to being a wonderful writer. She quit her job to, in her words, join The Offspring. She has been a silent collaborator with me on practically every project I’ve worked on over the years. She should exit the locker room at this point and follow me onto the field so we can start playing. Together, we look forward to building our business. A crucial player who we are fortunate to have the bat for our team will shortly be announced.”

Joyce Shepherd Upputuru said, “I think the E in EFGH has to be Emmanuel.” His fantasy is this. It was a bold decision on our part to give up the security of a decent position that Emmanuel had no pressing cause to leave. I don’t think it’s possible to be bold and follow your heart at the same time. If you’ve ever met Emmanuel, you know that he’s never still. This is accurate in every way. With the constant flood of new ideas and technologies, he tries to absorb and acquire as much as he can, and it permeates his work. The possibilities are far more intriguing in a world where several formats, platforms, technologies, and novel communication methods are being tested. After working for years on independent writing projects, particularly weighty ones like coffee table books for HCL, the structure, and pace of regular agency work required some recalibration for me. But with Emmanuel and the team we’re assembling, I’m excited about the potential of going all in.”

Joyce Shepherd Upputuru has experience working for firms including Leo Burnett, Bates, Capital, and ITSA. Additionally, Emmanuel Upputuru has experience with Publicis and Ogilvy.

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