DViO Digital and Universal Music India’s VYRL Originals Mark a Momentous 5-Year Partnership

DViO Digital and Universal Music India’s VYRL Originals Mark a Momentous 5-Year Partnership

Mumbai, India, 26th September 2023: – DViO Digital, a well-known force in India’s digital marketing landscape, celebrates five years of successful collaboration with Universal Music India’s VYRL Originals, an influential non-film music label that has fostered a vibrant community of non-film enthusiasts since 2018.

Setting new heights in music marketing, DViO, over the past half-decade, has consistently delivered imaginative launch campaigns for VYRL Originals’ songs that have resonated with music lovers across the country. Their creative approach, including snackable content pieces, thumb stoppers, captivating Creatives, and dynamic videos, has led to successful song releases, innovative campaigns, topical, and technological advancements that have kept the audience engaged and entertained.

Amid the challenges of the COVID outbreak in June 2021, VYRL Originals with DViO Digital brought a ray of sunshine by launching the extensive campaign for “Baarish Ban Jaana.” The campaign’s overwhelming success on platforms like Instagram and Twitter earned it accolades, including the vIDEA Award for Best Music Video Content on Social Platforms and the SAMMIE Award for Best Use of Short Video Content.

The recreated version of “Zihaal-e-Miskin” emerged as a social phenomenon, capturing hearts with its impactful marketing campaign. The song’s UGC covers and remixes by influencers and fan clubs resonated widely, showcasing the power of a successful marketing campaign that touched the hearts of millions worldwide.

Recognizing their exceptional partnership, Universal Music India entrusted DViO Digital with VYRL’s regional brands “VRYL Haryanvi” and “VYRL Bhojpuri”, as well as “IndieA Records,” an artist-first platform dedicated to discovering diverse music from independent artists. DViO will closely collaborate with Team UMI on amplification strategies across digital platforms.

As they commemorate this significant milestone, both DViO and Universal Music are excited about the future possibilities. With a commitment to groundbreaking innovations, DViO will continue to drive creative excellence for the VYRL brands across various social media platforms.

Sowmya Iyer, CEO of DViO Digital, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “Our journey with VYRL Originals has been extraordinary. Five years of keeping a finger on the pulse of pop culture has produced stunning results for our collaborative efforts. We remain committed to delivering exceptional content and driving razor-focused strategies that leave a lasting impact.”

Shantanu Gangane, Vice President & Head of Marketing; Universal Music India & South Asia, added, “As pioneers in the non-film music space, VYRL Originals has been at the forefront of building artist-centric culture in India. VYRL has expanded this into the vibrant regional markets like Punjabi, Haryanvi and Bhojpuri music over the years. DViO has been an integral partner in our growth story and has helped us achieve an unparalleled social footprint across languages and genres over these last five years.”

This partnership between DViO Digital and brand VYRL Originals promises to continue its harmonious journey towards unprecedented success.


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