Eat Right, Eat Green with Zee Zest’s New Show ‘PATT-AY KI BAAT’


As unbe-leaf-capable as it might sound, yes! Leaves aren’t simply a component of embellishment in the realm of gastronomy, yet additionally, a fundamental principle fixing in heaps of dishes.

In this way, we should get straight to the point and get looking at fascinating verdant realities thrown along with a mother lode of Anokhi, Leafy, and Mazedaar recipes on Zee Zest’s new show – ‘PATT-AY KI BAAT’. Known for offering local content, Zee Zest has an extraordinary blend of Indian and International ways of life/infotainment shows.

A developing stage features imaginative substance in a consistently impacting world. Thus, in the wake of deciphering the watcher’s taste by sending off shows connected with wellbeing, baking, and children’s specials, Zee Zest is good to go to bring to the kitchens an extraordinary show with an alternate point of view on green verdant vegetables and spices tracked down in India and universally! At the point when one considers mixed greens, one could imagine the exemplary blends tracked down in a serving of mixed greens: Iceberg lettuce and cabbage, or the desi number one – palak paneer and saag.

 Remarking on the send-off of the new creative show, Amit Nair, Business Head, Zee Zest statements, “Leaves have forever been available in a large portion of our feasts and a piece of Indian legacy since days of yore because of its restorative, sweet-smelling, homegrown and tasty properties, however, it hasn’t gotten the spotlight it merits.

 This is the reason ‘PATT-AY KI BAAT’ features a need to keep moving or significance in idea around displaying the advantages, components, and utility of leaves which hasn’t been finished previously.

We trust crowds will find motivation from the different nutritious and delectable recipes we have organized and can adjust equivalent to they cook feeding food to keep their families solid as well.” In this way, while watchers are installed for a zaikedaar food experience they can likewise anticipate important points and more helpful data with Pattaya Ka Corner, and Patay Ki Tip.

 Pattaya Ka Corner is the side of the Kitchen with local leaves and spices that gives the space a, solid, and invigorating energy, while Pattaya Ki Tip takes care of a typical repeating issue of rapidly drying leaves with supportive ideas on protecting them.

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