Tata Consumer Products introduces Tata Soulful Masala Oats+ and broadens its line of nutritious snacks.


 With the introduction of Tata Soulful Masala Oats+, Tata Consumer Products, the consumer products firm that unifies the main food and beverage interests of the Tata Group under one roof, has expanded its snacking offering. Tata Soulful Masala Oats+ is a crunchy, non-sticky product with flavor profiles that are ideally suited to the Indian palate. It is made with the goodness of wholegrain oats, traditional Indian millets like Navane and jowar, desi masalas, and genuine vegetables.

 The new product line is consistent with TCP’s mission to develop and broaden the array of products offered by Tata Soulfull, which already includes cereals, healthful snacks, muesli, and plant-based protein beverages. Tata Soulfull is on a mission to provide traditional Indian millets in formats that are appealing to modern consumers.

 With Masala Oats+, a ‘better-for-you’ offering that contains 25% Millets and makes the oats non-sticky and crispy, the brand is trying to increase its snacking footprint. Tata Soulful Masala Oats+ is provided in four delectable varieties to suit the tastes of consumers in different markets:

Mast Masala, Desi Veggie, and Tomato Twist in the North, East, and West; and Mast Masala, Desi Veggie, and Peppy Curry in the South. Priced at Rs 15 for a 38 g bag and Rs 209 for a 500 g pack, respectively, is the Tata Soulful Masala Oats+. Regarding the new introduction, Prashant Parameswaran, MD & CEO of Tata Consumer Soulful, stated, “We are thrilled to debut the new Tata Soulful Masala Oats+ range, which will be an exciting complement to our current snacking portfolio. In keeping with Tata Soulfull’s mission, we are committed to bringing back Indian millets in more interesting and practical formats.

 We are certain that our new Masala Oats+, with its crunchy texture and four desi flavors, will become the preferred option for consumers looking for delicious foods in healthy formats. With its “Taste first, health forward” philosophy, Tata Soulfull is ideally positioned to meet this demand as health and wellness continue to be a significant consumer trend. The new Tata Soulful Masala Oats+ may be found in general merchandise stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Patna, among other cities. The product will be offered on popular E-commerce sites and modern trade locations across India in addition to the brand website.

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