EcoStruxure: Roadmap for sustainable rail infrastructure in India


Schneider Electric launched the EcoStruxureTM Rail to build a reliable and sustainable rail infrastructure in India. EcoStruxureTM Rail, an end-to-end digital solution, aims at building a safe, reliable, energy-efficient and sustainable digital environment for collaborative metro-rail operations in the country.

Through this digital solution, Schneider Electric also aims at lowering energy consumption by 25%, increasing operational efficiency by up to 20%, and reducing the total cost of ownership by 15%; by incorporating smart management, efficient planning and secure system operations.

Schneider Electric is a European multinational corporation, headquartered in France that provides energy and automation digital products for efficiency and sustainability. Specifically, in the metro-rail segment, they offer solutions for traction power, signalling power, distribution power and construction management.

Currently, 12 Indian cities have fully functional metro connectivity, while 15 other cities have metro lines under different stages of implementation. EcoStruxureTM Rail offers a strong software portfolio for collaborative data flow across all stages of the implementation lifecycle.

EcoStruxureTM Rail is Schneider Electric’s advanced IoT enabled platform that strives to solve critical power supply challenges faced by the Indian metro- rail segment. By focusing on smart energy management solutions, integrating renewables and, braking energy recovery; the company aims at optimizing energy consumption to ensure continuous and reliable power supply for metro-rail operations throughout the country.

EcoStruxureTM Rail offers digital solutions throughout all phases of implementation ranging from Designing to Building, Operating and Maintaining metro rails in India. The advanced IoT enabled platform provides top-notch solutions for metro-rail networks around the world mainly in four key areas: environmental control, power delivery, communication, and services.

The security solutions offered to avoid and detect intrusions at all levels, provide a reasonable degree of protection against cybersecurity attacks.

Schneider Electric’s advanced building management solutions offer solutions for the non-traction infrastructure. This includes innovative solutions for rail electrification, traction substations and their electrical equipment, microgrid supervision and overhead systems for proper management and operation.

Schneider Electric through its partnership with world-leading tech companies like RIB, ETAP, and AVEVA, uses Vendor agnostic software portfolio to apply the ‘Single Version of Reality’ paradigm over the entire project implementation cycle, resulting in a ‘Model-Based Approach’ for the metro-rail operations.

These solutions are targeted towards providing safe and comfortable passenger services and on-time operations.

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