Eggoz’s new campaign shares fresh take on eggs


India’s leading egg-focused consumer brand, Eggoz, has launched an online nationwide campaign to spread awareness of status of current egg industry and the importance of choosing farm-fresh and chemical-free eggs for a healthy diet. Through the campaign, Eggoz is educating its wide range of customers on what a fresh egg looks, feels, and smells like. For years, Eggoz has established itself as the most trusted brand for fresh eggs with the promise of providing 1-day farm fresh eggs which undergo 11 steps of safety checks. All Eggoz eggs are herbal hen-fed, which alludes to its promise of freshness and are hence healthier and tastier.

“We’ve heard enough and more about the nutritional and health value of eggs. But, are you consuming good eggs?  Are your eggs fresh? How to tell if an egg is actually nutritious or not? Eggs in India are typically 7-10 days old from laying and by the time they reach consumers’ kitchen, their nutrition is lost. Additionally, there are usage of chemicals, anti-biotics for egg production which are harmful for long term consumption. The typical eggy smell and runny yolk are few characteristics of an egg that is no longer fresh and there would be loss of nutrition.  Through this campaign, we intend to create awareness about eggs in India and guide consumers to select perfectly fresh eggs for better nutrition and healthier eggs. With our vision to build the ‘Amul of eggs’, this campaign will help us in educating consumers about the category and also help us expand our customer base.” said Abhishek Negi, Co-founder of Eggoz.

The special campaign of Eggoz has been released in the form of four video assets, supported with static assets across digital platforms. The videos showcase how Eggoz eggs are better as compared to loose eggs and regular eggs available in the market. The primary objective of the entire campaign is to provide customers with a fresh perspective on eggs and guide them to select the best quality eggs.

Eggoz works under a tech-enabled asset-light farmer integration model, through which it offers all-around support to local farm owners to facilitate quick and smooth distribution of egg produce – making the company one of the fastest-growing D2C and the leading egg brand in India. Eggoz provides farmers with holistic care, including doctor support, input structure and market linkages. All eggs sold under the brand are cleaned and UV-sanitized and made available at stores within 1 day of laying. Eggoz Nutrition is the leading egg brand in the country with largest presence in North India through physical and online retail formats. Farmers working with Eggoz have improved their income by 25-30%.


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