Electric cab company BluSmart finds 80% increase in customers


One instantly thinks of Ola and Uber when one talks about cab services in India. The likes of Meru Cabs, Savaari Car Rentals, Tab Cabs and others in the top of the mind recall race are well behind Ola and Uber. A new entrant is likely to face difficulties in such a (duopoly) sector.

So, has a year-old electric cab company, BluSmart Mobility, also experienced difficulties? “Not so much,” says the founder of the Gurugram-based brand, Anmol Jaggi.

As a result of their behaviours, more and more individuals are becoming conscious of the carbon footprint that they leave. To decrease their carbon footprint in any way possible, consumers are also slowly and steadily switching to electric ride-hailing. We are delighted with the feedback we are receiving from our clients, Jaggi says.

In the Delhi-NCR area, BluSmart is currently active and has 320 cabs.

Jaggi says, Communication is crucial and so is attention, about the market supremacy of Ola and Uber. BluSmart is currently running a print advertisement called Be Nature’s Favourite and recently did an awareness-raising advertisement for social media influencers.

BluSmart targets India’s youth, particularly those who choose to take a taxi to commute to work. “Nearly 50% of our commuters (in the pre-COVID period) were working women or the group of ‘young moms,” Jaggi says, adding, They are women around the ages of 24 and 35 who choose to take our cabs to travel to their workplace, picking/dropping their children to and from schools, crèches, etc

In the next three months, the company currently plans to increase its fleet to 1,200 more cabs.

BluSmart did not run when the COVID-induced lockdown started back in March, until May 17, 2020, after launching services in August 2019. Jaggi reveals that, after the resumption of services (‘Unlock 1’), the brand reported an 80% increase in the number of commuters compared to pre-COVID times.

Initially, we saw much less uptake after the resumption of services, as individuals were already dealing with the coronavirus and chose to remain indoors because of the fear of being infected, whether it was office goers or school children. Nevertheless, we were very clear about our protection and safety steps, and after ‘Unlock 1’ we saw a slow but steady tendency in the number of commuters. In terms of people dependent on our cabs for a safe and reliable commute, we see a much good reaction, ” he added.

Including hourly rentals and multiple trips available at Rs 199, BluSmart’s cab rates are as cheap as Rs 99. Unlike other companies, the company does not have secret and surge charges, claims Jaggi. This offers a flat fee and zero rides for cancellation. We provide our clients with a premium service and, hence, our cab charges are a level above other players.


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