Starlink is popularly known as a star cluster satellite, built by SpaceX to provide inbound satellites to the Internet. The most famous cryptocurrency influencer, Elon Musk, is the founder of Starlink. But recently, Starlink was one of the victims of a vicious Bitcoin scam that offered the service at half the price to potential customers. These malicious attacks created a copy of Starlink’s official website to create a trap. Buyers advised merchants to pay $249 monthly and up to $49 via Bitcoin in this scam. Starlink’s official website is offering $499 as the price of the device and monthly, month-to-month $99. Hackers bought the latest Elon Musk team in Iran to get it so they have a lot of money. It’s easy to attract customers to Starlink with this sudden announcement because it’s common for Elon Musk to promote Bitcoin events.

Twitter and Reddit users have noticed Bitcoin’s fraud and posted some red flags on Starlink’s website. The worst mistake of Starlink’s evil activists is that it has nothing to do with Iran and Elon Musk has not published any news about the relationship with Iran. The hackers claimed that payment via Bitcoin would be highly secretive to make Starlink Internet access in Persian. Users received a form with their names, email addresses, and phone numbers in the first step. The website will follow up via a different Bitcoin payment email. This registration system is very different from the official Starlink website.

Some users have already complained that there is a new bitcoin scam because the credit card company has no interest rate and is not the same as the company. Iran is now facing Internet problems and scammers have tried to take advantage of this using Starlink.

Elon Musk has faced a lot of scams and fraud in his companies and cryptocurrency in recent years. He is the easiest target for scammers and scammers use to dog other victims into the trap. In May 2021, cryptocurrency investors earned $ 2 million over the past six months of Elon Musk. They used a popular crypto influencer who seems to have controlled the price of the cryptocurrency in recent years with his tweets. Consumers have suffered massive losses of more than $ 80 million from cryptocurrency fraud.

So beware of these cryptocurrency or Bitcoin scams and make sure you check all sites before spending time and money on a scam.

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