An Eye to Bitcoins Scam


Users are always encouraged to report the scams, thefts and fraudulent websites which belongs to any block chains or cryptocurrency. When an address is inputting and that address has been reported as ones used by scammers then the site will be immediately pop up a message which reads Confirmed scam .If there is sudden rapid rise in the number of bitcoins scams there are many easy ways to find out if the bitcoin address has been reported as being used by scammers .If any bitcoin address is associated with a scam you can also easily report it.

In last week the Twitter hack had many fake bitcoin tweet profile accounts. Bitcoin Abuse is one of the popular website used by hackers and criminals with a public data base of bitcoin addresses .If any of the persons searching for a bitcoin address and if the same site has been reported by others, then the site will display the information about the detail such as how many times the address has been reported, the last time and date which the address has been reported, the number of transactions and the total amount of bitcoins it has received. It will also provide the data on the number of bitcoins scams reported in some statistical terms. It have been reported that ,156 reports in the last day and 989 reports in last week and 4112 in the last month.

Scam Alert is another website that will help us to easily look up on a bitcoin address. It was created by block chain tracking and analytics provider Whale Alert. The mission of this site is that, to make the block chain more safer to use for everyone through exposing criminals and other scammers who are abusing it. Through this website the users  are allowed to reports scams , fraudulent websites and thefts which are involving in any block chain or cryptocurrency. This website also provides some useful informations such as sextortion, Ponzi schemes, dark web and thefts and also provides some basic scam prevention advice about different types of crypto scams such as verify and don’t trust anyone. It shows that the most successful scams based on funds received are Ponzi schemes are fake exchanges and fake bitcoins giveaways. There are plenty of bitcoin scams for you tube which provides in both videos and adds. The one of the most successful bitcoins scams is the fake Elon Musk BTC, which having ranked in millions of dollars. It is always better to take caution, and do your research before sending bitcoins to anyone.


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