Best Autonomous Vehicles Funding And Investments in the 2nd Quarter of 2021


Autonomous vehicle technology is one of the most anticipated technologies in the automotive sector. Thanks to the rapid development of radar technology and microprocessor power, autonomous driving has evolved from science fiction to real-world applications. Today’s autonomous vehicles use a combination of front-facing cameras and radar systems to collect information relevant to the driver about road conditions along the route.

The proliferation of autonomous vehicles has dominated headlines and technology debates in recent years. Investment in companies developing this technology has also increased over the last two years. This article lists the best financing and investment opportunities for autonomous vehicles in 2021.

  • The Ghost
    Amount raised: USD 100 million

Event Type: D Series

Lead investor(s): Sutter Hill Ventures and others.

Ghost Locomotion is a developer of autonomous driving systems. The company has been working on general anti-collision technology. The system is based on the idea that an autonomous driving system does not need to detect and classify objects before avoiding them, marking a paradigm shift in the field.

Real-time robotics
Amount raised: $31.4 million

Event type: series A

Major investors: Heroic Ventures, Scrum Ventures, and others.

Realtime Robotics, is an automation platform to develop a simple and scalable processor that can generate safe motion plans for robots in microseconds. The company is transforming automation more broadly by enabling machines to detect, react and decide how and where to move in different environments.

Amount raised: $64 million

Event type: series B

Investor(s): Joy Capital, F-Prime Capital and others.

Innovusion is an autonomous vehicle LiDAR sensor system for the Level 4 and 5 autonomous vehicle and ADAS markets. The company produces products with a unique combination of range, resolution, compact size and other features.

Amount raised: USD 15.4 million

Event type: not specified

Main investor(s): BlueRun Ventues, SIG and others

Youibot is a company focused on achieving smart security by providing professional autonomous inspection robots. Based on the latest generation of laser radar and advanced navigation technology, the company offers a first-class and intelligent mobile robot system.

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