Twitter Spaces introduce co-host option that will help moderate and manage rooms


Twitter has updated Spaces to allow hosts to assign up to two co-hosts to their audio social rooms, making it easier for the audio space hosts to help manage and moderate the conversation.
Once invited, co-hosts have almost the same moderation and management rights as the main host: they can speak, invite other room members to speak, pin tweets, kick people out of the room, and so on.

However, there are some restrictions: only the main host can invite or remove other users as co-hosts – for example, one co-host cannot invite another. Co-moderators can’t even terminate the room, only the original moderator can do so.
The co-moderator function also expands the number of participants who can speak simultaneously in a space: it is now possible to have one co-moderator, two co-moderators and ten speakers in a room at the same time, compared to the previous limit of ten speakers.
The new additions have been rolled out and should be a useful part of helping facilitators keep track of the space, especially for large conversations. The rapid spread also shows the importance of the space feature for Twitter: the company recently made the top of the user’s timeline in the app (previously the location of the convoy) available for the social audio feature as well.

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