Emami Agroteck’s new launch: Immunity booster edible oil.


Emami Agrotech one of the major producers of edible oil, launched its new product, Emami Healthy, and Tasty Smart Balance Immunity Booster Oil. The company claims that it is the first time in India that a brand is launching an edible oil with “immunity” as a variant. This product will be available throughout India in a one-liter pack priced at Rs.140.

In this situation when everyone is worried about their health due to COVID-19, the strategy by the company to launch a product with immunity as a variant can attract the attention of many of its target customers. In their new pack, they claim that the product has scientifically proven immunity builders like Vitamin A, C, D E, and Omega 3. Emami promises that this new product will help the users improve their immunity from within, which helps fight any type of health hazards. 

The director of Emami Group, Adithya V Agrawal, said at the launch of this product that there is a rising concern worldwide about health due to the pandemic. In this situation, consumers are looking for food items and supplements that can help them boost their immunity. This first immunity booster cooking oil is expected to make ‘Har Nivala, Immunity Wala’.”

Adding to this another director of the group, Manish Goenka, said that the new product is expected to provide its customers with both immunity-boosting properties and taste. This first-time immunity booster product will be a one-stop solution for health as it is having five key immunity building properties for all in this one product. Moreover, it is the first time that edible oil is introduced which has a Vitamin C in it. Vitamin C with its immunity-boosting properties expected to enhance the immunity of the customers.

Emami in the past has a proven legacy of having good consumer insight and providing product solutions that fill the gap between consumer demands. 

The other edible oil products offered by Emami include Himani Best Choice range of edible oils, Rasoi Vanaspati, Bake Magic Speciality Fats, and Emami Healthy & Tasty Mantra Spices & Tastemakers. 


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